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Evidence that Demands a Verdict- Part II

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Mom, you’re straight.  It’s like- you can live in the world of swollen lymph nodes.  You can keep your friends, and agree with your mentors and feel loved by your god and repeat whatever shite they say about gay people- without it ever effecting you personally- even if it’s horribly and terribly wrong.

And that’s fun and relaxing and comforting. And who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want that story to be true? I get it.
But do you understand that I don’t get that luxury? Do you understand that I have to live in the world of tumors?
Do you understand what it’s like to be a tumor?

Well – I might understand what it’s like to be a tumor…. I don’t know. I have taken some positions that are very unpopular, and have been despised for it. We all make our own choices. I stand by mine no matter what anyone else thinks, because I believe my positions are right. You just have to figure out what you truly believe is right (not other peoples’ opinions) and then live it.  And also you have to try not to feel sorry for yourself if others don’t agree. That’s pretty universal.

I see no “victims” here. Only choices, and the courage to stand by the choices you make. Who is treating you like a tumor?

Hey – do you still feel like coming out and doing your craft with [minor sister] tonight? If you do, you have first priority.

But if you don’t, we might go over and help [adult brother] with some things at his house tonight. (The sellers left a huge pile of garbage on his curb for the big garbage pick -up day Saturday, but now the city is telling [adult brother] they don’t want to take it unless it’s “organized”.) Either way is good – let me know how you’re feeling.  Love you!


No!  The problem is people are treating me like a lymph node! Like this can’t be true!

I am thinking of [adult sister] in particular here- saying that this was a lie of Satan- but I’ve gotten the distinct feeling that its being talked about behind my back this way- Grandma sent me a note with the same reference to the ‘lies of Satan’  without coming out (har har) and saying what she was talking about.

Unfortunately it’s not a lie. Nor am I just saying this for attention.  Instead, unfortunately, I am the abominable thing that our people think is out to get them.

I been dealing with this actually for a long time now- when I was still gung ho about Christianity and everything.  When I believed that that version of the religion was true, when it wouldn’t go away, I was perfectly content to just be single forever- its not like I’m any good at dealing with PEOPLE anyway.  I prefer hiding in a pile of books.

I didn’t set out to be this way.  If I had had a choice I would have chosen something else.

Do you believe me?


(one week without reply)

So there we go.

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[name], I responded to your email. I wrote it in a letter, which is sitting on my desk. But all week, I have not put it in the mail because I believe you will despise what I have to say and just turn and rip into me. It has just been so nice having you stop by.  I am so sorry. Would you like me to drop it in the mail, or wait until you come by the next time?  Love you.


It should be a pretty simple answer, Mom. Do you believe that I’m giving an honest account of my own physical sensations or not?

If your answer is no, just say it.  No amount of rationalization or long winded explanation is going to make that answer easier.


Yes, I believe you have same sex attractions.  I stuck the long winded explanation in the mail yesterday.

Love you!

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Hi mom!

I finally worked up the nerve to empty my mail box and read your letter.  I have to tell you that I disagree and object to almost everything you said.

However, I am thankful that you were willing to tell me.  The visits home were getting increasingly tense for me- knowing there were things you weren’t saying and trying to guess what they were.

I appreciate it!


Fair enough, [name]. I love you!


Hey!  Could you email me the text?  I think probably neither of us wants to get into a debate, but I journal on my computer as a way of processing. It would be helpful for that.


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Some problem?

I mean, I could scan it in but that would mean checking to see if the library had one or using Grandma [name]’s scanner, and both of those would be kind of a hassle.

Make my poor sad life easier here?





Uganda: These Are Crimes against Humanity

My heart hurts today for my brothers and sisters. I pray for their safety, as they are compromised in the midst of this political power grab and uninformed homophobia that is masquerading as righteousness. Imagine the fear and instability this kind of legislation will also bring to families and friends of our LGBT sisters and brothers. Anyone who knows the heart of God, also knows this cannot be the will of God. I am confident that truth and love will prevail because at the end of the day, God has the last word. We are all leaning on God’s everlasting arm. – Bishop Yvette Flunder, Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship

May our thoughts and prayers be with the LGBTI people and their families in Uganda, the Kuchu Diaspora Alliance, and our global LGBTI family around the world. This is not the last word in Uganda, of course, and at this time let us pause for moments of solemn solidarity and then return to the work of solidarity, equality and justice. – Michael J. Adee, Ph.D., Global Faith & Justice Project of the Horizons Foundation

Our hearts break as we think about the unthinkable.  The new law in Uganda is surely as heinous an attack on humanity and human rights as we have witnessed in the 21st century.  The fact that U.S. so called religious voices have supported and encouraged this law is disgraceful  We pray for the safety and well-being of LGBT people in Uganda and their families, and urge the U.S. government to respond swiftly to this violation.  We pray for a day when all will see that sexual and gender diversity is part of God’s blessing to us all. – Rev. Debra W. Haffner, Co-founder and President of the Religious Institute, Inc.

Our hearts and souls are joined with the people of Uganda, especially those whose lives and liberty are threatened by this horrific injustice. We pray that the majority of people, law enforcers, and those in government will continue to live in the recognition that all people embody the Divine, and pledge renewed vigor in working to overturn such discrimination. We call on the people and officials of the Catholic Church worldwide to recognize that such laws perpetrate violence on the entire body of Christ, and to lead efforts to repeal this and similar laws. – Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director, DignityUSA

May those responsible for the anti-homosexuality law in Uganda be healed in heart mind and soul. May their fear be vanquished, opening them to the grace, beauty and vitality of people of all gender identities and sexual orientations, resulting in the repeal of this law. May our LGBTQ comrades find safety, feel loved and be clear that they are part of G-d’s intentional Creation, beloved, manifesting an aspect of G-dself in our corporeal world necessary for the elevation of all consciousness. – Rabbi Debra Kolodny, Executive Director, Nehirim

“Right now, we have heard from LGBTQ people in Uganda who are fleeing their homes to avoid being beaten or imprisoned.  It is far past the time when religious people should be speaking against this vicious persecution. Persecution and brutality are not cultural differences; these are crimes against humanity!” – Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson. Moderator ofMetropolitan Community Churches