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The Crux of the Problem

Here’s the real problem with God, for me.

Growing up I was told that God was perfect and eternal.  And also that he had revealed himself.

But he has done either one or the other.  Because God, in the things that people call revelation, has changed over time.

But if he is not perfect and eternal, what is the point of calling him God?  He is essentially some dude with a lot of mana bumbling around, screwing things up and making stuff explode at odd moments.

And if he has not revealed himself.

If people who look to him as a teacher interpret him- so wrongly- as to believe him to have done and said the things he is commonly believed to have done and said.  Have done in his name the things that have in fact been done in his name.

And he didn’t bother to set the record straight.

What difference is there between this- and being utterly abandoned?

I once heard someone say- and I can’t remember who- that the universe is full of the presence of the Absence of God.

I don’t know if God exists or if he doesn’t.   But I see no difference between the two possibilities.  Except that the only way  I can imagine not hating him is when I imagine he doesn’t exist.

Or perhaps if he were  just a sufficiently advanced alien.   But I don’t really believe in ancient aliens.  And I would still think he’s a moron.