Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Tide


The tide of time

doesn’t answer

except for all the shells.



The water rises in its own language.

It takes the words out of your mouth.

It will take the bones out of your body’s closet

and scatter them among the pebbles.



The spent ocean dries off

the land’s edges.

The spent earth fills the ocean’s jars.

The ocean will still be your tired king

when all the mothering waters have gone.



You, like a gull, rise.

You, like a stone, dive.

You, like the sun, descend

Again and again and again.



The sea in your head

is speaking

The sea in your bones

is looking across the ocean.

The language waits-

the language of water.




Water. Rising.

What we were not told

we have heard.

When the walls dream

and the reeds speak in silence

of water. Rising.


The wise man wept at it

and the daemon-heroes

came and stood

on the bank of the river

up from the sea.

The wise man learned it in a dream.


So he will sprinkle many nations.

Air to Ask

The name God gave you

was the name they told you

when you were born.

But it never fit.


Year after year swept past you-

bringing rain and leaving

rust and cracks in the pavement.

They grew-  like frost or wild fires- in petals.

The fibers of the name shrank

under waves of fog and sun.

Or perhaps you grew.

But as the lacy flowers

bloomed and crumbled

the yarn pulled tighter

clawing your arms


when you tried to breathe.


Air was too much to ask

of God

who bid you be still and quiet, cursing,

As he ate his own stolen soul-

in secret-

As the wind walked on the waves-

As the bread and fishes multiplied themselves-


lost in the murmur and swell of all names

rolling through their mouths

the powers rejoiced in an unknown name.

Unknowing , a heart pronounced the word.