Hail, forgotten hero!
Hail, ambassador of the Abyss!
Hail, voyager into realms known- out of realms unknown!
Hail, the Mind’s Eye, which cannot see itself.

The forbidding quest of blind desire
is not for anyone.
The Spirit knows what it wants,
but the Will wills in secret
and achieves her secret-
infinitely collapses into the finite.
Not many are called-
towards the far side of destiny
and everything that’s waiting for them there-
But all are chosen.
None of them come back.

At the journey’s end,
by the cauldron of endless life,
at the well of the world’s end,
in the mouth of the cave the first man crawled out of
the day he climbed towards the sun,
caught by shoelace and jacket by thorns
on purpose-

The Spirit is jealous of his Sister
He’ll hold her back or spur her on
down the wrong track.
No matter.


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