the divine hero twins- interlude

I stopped, stroking my friend’s hair, touching my friend’s eyes.  Such eyes.

Now, I told my friend, as the Chronicler of the Elves once pointed out, fairy stories are written by humans, not fairies. Humans write stories about the Escape from Death, but the fairies themselves may well write stories about the Escape from Deathlessness.

A human telling the story of the Twins might understand the ending to refer to the Escape from Death. They might exclaim that the child of the deathless gods had shared his life with his dying brother.

A fairy might see it differently.  A fairy might say that the mortal Castor had shared his death with his immortal brother. That it was not Pollux who saved Castor, but Castor who saved Pollux.

Pollux had escaped from an eternity of glory so fixedly given that it can never actually be won. From actions so assured of success that there is no point in carrying them out.

From life so safe from death that it is never lived.

People have claimed that the finite is nothing without infinity.  That ordinary life is nothing without the numinous.

But what is infinity, without the finite?


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