the divine hero twins- prelude

At a certain times in my life, I have been very lonely.

Waking up one morning to a large and empty house, sunlight was filtering in through the sheer fabric of the drapes.  It was a gray light.  The day was cloudy.  I pulled my eyes closed and crawled back down under the blankets. This was my day off. I was taking care of the house for an acquaintance. I had no one to see and nothing interesting to do.

Still mostly asleep, curled up in the dark, I started pretending that I had a friend with me. We had spent the night together and were just waking up, drowsy and happy.  Skin smoothing against skin, so delightfully warm, we were both putting off waking up- pretending the day didn’t have to come.  Time had made a nest where we could hide and nothing was going to bother us.

Sleepy in the dark,  I started telling my friend stories.


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