the divine hero twins- first story

Both had weighed two pounds each at their birth.  Several days later, only one of them weighed two pounds.  The other was thriving. They were premature, and special care was being given to each of them. But only one was going to live.

One baby was sickly, it’s face bluish. It cried with out stopping. Not matter who held it or what was done.  The other baby’s face was healthy and pink.

Finally, the nurse, took the ailing twin out of its incubator.   This was not the standard procedure, but she had tried everything, and knew that it had all failed.

She put the baby in the other incubator, skin to skin with it’s sibling.  Still too young to move, the two snuggled together.  The stronger baby wiggled around until her arm flopped over her sister.  She looked like she was trying to hold her twin.

After a bit, the wailing stopped.

The monitors had been showing the vitals of the ailing twin. They no longer showed any such thing.

The bluish face had turned pink.  Wailing had turned to quiet breathing.

Both of the girls lived.

And this is a true story.


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