a little revelation

Well. I’ve finished reading the book of Matthew again. I read it with a fine toothed comb this time, so it took a while. I’m all set to read the other gospels next.

I feel at this point I must make an apology to Jews everywhere.  Jesus? or Matthew? or whoever wrote this- was possibly the worst student of the Torah of all time.  Only surpassed in his worseness by millions of Christians who followed him.

Jesus is not the Messiah.

Certainly not the Messiah as the Messiah is described in the passages Matthew tries to claim are predictive of Jesus.

So much for that.


One thought on “a little revelation

  1. I think it is pretty safe to say that the prophets didn’t have Jesus’ life in mind when they were writing. It makes more sense to say that Jesus and his followers dovetailed their lives and teachings to the religious texts that were the foundation of the culture in which they operated. This does not dismiss the beauty of his teaching or even the possibility that he was actually special in some way. I recently reread Luke and I found it incredibly refreshing to see the compassion and radical social teaching of Christ that I missed growing up pretty fundamentalist. Good luck on your explorations.

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